Roadies are off! Have a great ride!

Roadies departed yesterday morning. Riders are facing a total of 1800km with 30,000 meters of climbing with the highest climb to the top of Pico del Veleta which is at 3,398m.

The weather is perfect and riders can expect nice conditions and sun along the way.

Erik is in the lead covering over 370km. Renato is 30km behind Erik. Luigi is in 3rd position followed by Joost.

Gravel & trail route:

Bart keeps the lead and is making great progress, he came through the CP3 in Molina de Aragon at 20:51 last evening. He is absolutely flying!

We met Ed last night before his rest stop in Ateca, he looked fresh and strong. He is in 2nd position.

Dick Ayres is now riding the single-track trail on incredible red stone cliffs in Spanish Utah followed by pair riders Alexander and Martin.

Mimi came through CP2 in the Bardenas Reales.

Mechanical issues stopped Andrew. We are waiting for his final decision.

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