Traversing the Iberian Peninsula from Tarifa, the most southern point on the European mainland to Irun at the Bay of Biscay in May. You can ride the adventure in the opposite direction in September.

Ride through the megalithic tombs of the Gorafe Depression, between high cliffs scattered with ancient cave dwellings. Cross the ancient bridges of Ronda and ride along the historic trails used by pilgrims crossing the Iberian Peninsula for centuries. Experience the raw and remote beauty of the Bardenas Reales Desert while riding some of the best singletrack trail in Spain. The Camino Del Rey looms above the route in Andalucia, and the massive complex of the Alhambra in Granada eclipses the view from Plaza Mirador de San Nicolas. This is just a taste of the incredible experience that awaits participants in the Iberica Traversa.

The Iberica-Traversa is a single-stage, unsupported, 1713km bike adventure across the Iberian Peninsula, following mostly unpaved routes and trails.

September 2022 we offer for the first time also a road route, that goes to the 3398m high Pico del Veleta.

Gravel & trails

  • when:
    – May 1st 2022: Tarifa – Saint-Jean-de-Luz
    – Sep. 25th 2022: Irun – Tarifa
    – Sep. 25th 2022: Irun – Sidi Ifni | piste (continue with Morocco-BikeAdventure)
  • route: 1713km, 29’257m vertical climbing


  • when:
    – Sep. 26th 2022: Irun – Tarifa
    – Sep. 26th 2022: Irun – Sidi Ifni (continue with Morocco-BikeAdventure)
  • route: about 1800km, 32’000m vertical climbing


  • places: Tarifa, Camino del Rey, Granada, Sierra Nevada, Parque Natural Sierra de Castril, Sierras de Cazorla, Cuenca, Bardenas Reales desert, Gorafe desert, Pamplona, Saint-Jean-de-Luz…
  • categories: single and pair riders
  • no time limit: go as fast or slow as you like it, enjoy the scenery, race it or go in touring pace
  • for whom: for everybody who will go for an unsupported bikepacking adventure

The route came about while Andy was cycling a section of NorthCape-Tarifa, another bikepacking adventure created by Transbike Adventures. Here’s what he had to say about developing the concept:

“While cycling the NCT section of Spain in November & December of 2017, I came along many old, unused railway trusses, railway buildings, and gravel roads crossing the beautiful country. On the last night before I arrived in Tarifa, I met three Spanish guys in Las Vegas (a small town in Andalucia) who were on mountain bikes. They shared stories of the epic GR7 route and confirmed how good it was to cycle away from the paved roads in Spain.”

– Andy Buchs

And the idea was born: this is a great place for a gravel adventure.

Some impressions:
– the “Désert des Bardenas Réales
– the “Desert des Bardenas Réales” drone filming

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