The route

Iberica-Traversa Gravel/Trail route

From the south to the north in May, from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Bay of Biscay over mostly unpaved roads and trails. And in the opposite direction in September.

Iberica-Traversa gravel and trails route has been voted as the most demanding yet the most beautiful, according to finishers, route they have experienced! The route leads the riders through rough and remote terrain in Bardenas Reales and Gorafe desert, along with some of the best single-track trails in all Spain. 1720 km long with insane 30000 of elevation gain.

Mandatory checkpoints: Pamplona Castle San Cristóbal, Cuenca, Gorafe, El Cuartico (halfway), Granada, Ronda.

Real off the grid adventure awaits you!

Iberica-Traversa road route

Goes parallel to the original Iberica-Traversa gravel and trails route. Is a fix route, unsupported, single-stage bikepacking event that will lead the riders from Irun in Basque country to Tarifa located in the southernmost end of Iberian peninsula.

The route will gives you real taste of incredible Spanish landscape – you will ride through narrow roads with minimum traffic, long stretches, rolling hills, long climbs. You will be surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, endless poppy and sunflower fields, Middle-Aged castles and villages.

The route is 1800km long with about 25000 of elevation gain. With the highest climb to the top of Pico del Veleta (3,398m).

Six mandatory checkpoints: Pamplona Castle San Cristóbal, Cuenca, Gorafe, Pico del Veleta, Granada, Ronda.