Registration for Iberica-Traversa 2023

Registration fee

  • Registration fee: Euro 290.-
  • Registration fee for Irun-Sidi Ifni: road Euro 390.-, piste Euro 490.-
  • If you don’t have your own tracker:
    We offer you a Spot Gen3 Tracker rental or a Spot Gen3 Tracker to buy for a special price.
  • Pair rider: both have to register and need a tracker
  • Cancelation policy: if we can not start the race, you will get 100% refund including start fee and tracker rental. If, for any personal other reason you are not able to travel – no refund.


In the format +33 79 222 3344
Additionally to emails we may send you a SMS for new email notification.


Blog / social media


We are interested, who you are. Only for Irun-Sidi Ifni, the Moroccan part, it will be crucial if you get a start place.

Starting fee

The starting fee is per rider.
You have the choice to rent a tracker for Euro 90.- (Euro 120.- for Irun-Sidi Ifni) satellite service included or to bring your own tracker. If you rent a tracker from us, you pay an additional tracker deposit of Euro 110.-, refunded when we get the tracker back.
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