Six Checkpoints
After finishing the Iberica-Traversa 2019, Jesse Blough described the different checkoints from the view of an IT rider.

Castle San Cristóbal above Pamplona is checkpoint 1 at km 100. The place offers a great view over Pamplona. The castle was built 1879 till 1919 during the Karlisten war. From 1930 on used as prison and as the Spanish civil war startet 1936, 2000 people have been imprisoned to San Cristóbal. (new for 2020)

Watch also this video:

Torre de Mangana
A tower in the city center.

El Cuartico
The start of a flat segment in a rural area.

Gorafe desert
The sign at the entrance of the Gorafe parque.

Plaza Mirador de San Nicolás – (37.181089, -3.592768)
Jesse Blough: “The best view of the Alhambra in the city. Gateway to the Sierra Nevada.”

Puente Nuevo Ronda, Málaga – (36.740905, -5.166163)
Jesse Blough: “A huge old bridge into a beautiful Andalucian city.”