1. What kind of bike do I need?

We succest that you check the route as soon the final GPS track is available. The route will follow unpaved routes and trails.

2. Do I need insurance?

Yes, as the ride is totally self-sufficient, you need to organise your own insurance.

3. Who enforces the rules?

You do. The nature of these long distance rides makes them impossible to police by a third party, so the trust and responsibility rests solely on your shoulders to conduct yourself appropriately. If there is an obvious breach in this trust then the race director will make a ruling based on why, how and what rules were breached and if/what penalty would be given.

4. Is this race for me? Am I fit enough?

If you are someone looking for a challenge, yes this is for you. A background in cycling would be an advantage. A positive outlook with a good sense of humour is mandatory.
A standard of fitness is required to the point of being capable of spending continuous long days in the saddle. And an awareness of self-reliance and what that entails.

5. If i’s a race, what does the winner get?

It is not a race in the conventional sense. There is no prize for 1st, 2nd and 3rd. The winners get the kudos and bragging rights for being the fastest. Everyone else will be racing themselves, each other and the weather just to finish. Beat the rider in front or stay ahead of the rider behind. This race will inspire you to question your limits and give you the confidence that you are far more capable than you think, not just in cycling but in life. The prize is Adventure.

7. GPS tracking

Online GPS tracking is not intended to ensure rider safety. It is for info-only, and validation of course compliance

9. Can i change my finishing point during the race?

You have time till March 31th to change your selected finish point. As soon the race is startet, there is no change possible, to get classified. We think it would be not fair, targeting a finish at Saint-Jean-de-Luz and when you see you prefer to finish in Valenciachanging the finish line. If you start for Saint-Jean-de-Luz and finish at Valencia, you will be listed as finisher for Valencia but not classified.